Five Simple Steps for Self-Regulation and Emotional First Aid

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EmotionAid® is an effective, simple and easy-to-use tool kit of 5 steps for self-regulation and emotional first aid. With EmotionAid®, you will learn how to manage and prevent anxiety, stress and trauma. These tools are the result of the latest developments in  neurophysiology and result mainly  from the Somatic Experiencing® therapeutic approach. EmotionAid® enables to strengthen our resilience and ability to overcome daily challenges, as well as to relieve tension during crises and particularly stressful times.

EmotionAid® enables you to self regulate your stress in all situations - and help others.

The Five Steps of EmotionAid®

5 steps
13 years of experience working with schools, hospitals, first responders, mental health professionals, immigrants, hotline personnel.

Le naturel, la simplicité, l'authenticité des intervenantes et leur grande expérience étaient très touchants, unifiants

Marie, mère de famille


We offer a variety of EmotionAid® courses tailored to your needs. 

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EmotionAid® Toolkit

International EmotionAid® Development

In order to widen the EmotionAid® tools accessibility around the world, ITI has focused its strategy on building a strong international presence. Today, ITI has been initiating and developing strategic collaborations in 12 countries.

The 5 Steps of EmotionAid® is available worldwide and in the following languages: English, French, German, Hebrew, Arabic, Polish, Chinese, Farsi, Turkish, Russian, Spanish, Italian


Health Sector

Trauma takes place daily in hospitals, and the medical teams are in the forefront of constant challenging and traumatic events.

Education Sector

Educators, teachers and supervisors working with children and their parents on a daily basis are particularly exposed to stressful situations. 

First Responders

Members of emergency and first aid teams, such as front line workers, are confronted daily with traumatic situations such as accidents .

Mobile App

The EmotionAid® mobile application is a revolutionary app that combines an effective therapeutic concept with a uniquely designed user experience.


EmotionAid® tools accessible around the world