Healing Anxiety, Stress and Trauma

Over 500,000 People

use our protocol all over the world

EmotionAid® is Practiced

in 22 different languages

Over 5000 EmotionAid®

Practitioners and Facilitators

500 Medical Personnel

who provide support to thousands of patients, who no longer take their stress home

Who are we?

EmotionAid is a 5-steps training method, for self-regulation or first aid to others. It comprises the EmotionAid® 5 step protocol, and a toolbox of methods and products for practicing, learning and teaching EmotionAid®.

We are proud to be the favorite for emergency interventions by leading teams of first responders, managers and therapists in the health sector, the education sector, the military, and in companies and organizations.

EmotionAid tools can easily be taught to children, teenagers and adults to support their capacity to handle stress, anxiety, panic attacks and any symptoms resulting from traumatic experiences.


Strengthen the world’s resilience by helping people overcome emotional & mental challenges.

We are here to provide everyone with awareness and access to simple tools and support products from EmotionAid® to help overcome mental and emotional challenges.

EmotionAid® is a 5 step training, based on cutting-edge scientific knowledge.

Building a network of teams, therapists and communities around the world. Creating a meaningful impact by co-creating within the healing vortex.


Anyone can learn EmotionAid’s scientifically proven 5 step hands on method
EmotionAid® enables you to self-regulate your stress in all situations – and to help others.

The Helpers

Learn EmotionAid prcatical tools for dealing with stress, anxiety and trauma
in your day to day work with patients, colleagues and yourself.

Helping organization avoid burnout

Stress is a generalized phenomenon is today’s world. Individual and social stress impacts companies and organizations. It can be experienced at the individual or at the team/department level. 

EmotionAid® Online

Therapists and professionals who want to improve their abilities in the field of trauma, stress and anxiety, and anyone who wants to give friends, family or anyone close to him, a tool for regulating the level of stress.


Proven Method

Grounded in 13 years of field work and constantly tested, our protocol and courses are developed with input from clinical experts and people who live with stress and trauma issues.

We have over 3000 teachers all over the world that teach EmotionAid® method and over 100,000 people who practice EmotionAid®.

Join the Global Professional Community

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The Problem:

We live in a world moving from crisis to crisis, Crisis has become the new Normal. People all around the world are exposed to stressful situations on a daily basis. They build up tension because they don’t know how to handle it, which eventually negatively affects their ability to function in daily life and in their relationships. 83% of all illness and disease is stress related, 73 % of people have stress that impacts their mental health. Stress has become the world’s number 1 disease.

The Problem:

Similar to soldiers in battle, for many medical staff, the sustained, high-stress environment leads to anxiety, depression or even full break-down. Leading researchers have warned of long term damage to medical professionals and their .diminished ability to provide quality care without psychological intervention.


Told by Cathy Lawi, founder of EmotionAid

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