Five Simple Steps for Self-Regulation and Emotional First Aid

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EmotionAid® is an effective, simple and easy-to-use tool kit of 5 steps for self-regulation and emotional first aid. With EmotionAid®, you will learn how to manage and prevent anxiety, stress and trauma. These tools are the result of the latest developments in  neurophysiology and result mainly  from the Somatic Experiencing® therapeutic approach. EmotionAid® enables to strengthen our resilience and ability to overcome daily challenges, as well as to relieve tension during crises and particularly stressful times.

EmotionAid® enables you to self regulate your stress in all situations - and help others.

The Five Steps of EmotionAid®

5 steps
10 years of experience working with schools, hospitals, first responders, mental health professionals, immigrants, hotline personnel.

High quality of the support material, in-depth research work, brought to our attention with generosity and availability.


We offer a variety of EmotionAid® courses tailored to your organization’s needs. 

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The 5 Steps of EmotionAid® is available worldwide and in the following languages: English, French, German, Hebrew, Arabic, Polish, Chinese, Farsi, Turkish, Russian, Spanish, Italian


Medical Sector, Psychologists

Trauma takes place daily in hospitals, and the medical teams are in the forefront of constant challenging and traumatic events.


EmotionAid® tools accessible around the world

Mobile App

The EmotionAid® mobile application is a revolutionary app that combines an effective therapeutic concept with a uniquely designed user experience.

First Responders

Our vision is to return our soldiers and veterans to their full potential, enabling them to re-enter the workforce, and to full.