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Master Class - Full Access

For an international EmotionAid gathering Master Class and sharing knowledge.

All the Master Class will take place between 17:00-19:30 CET, 18:00-20:30 Israel time.

January 18 – Master Class Couples And Emotions

March 22 – Master Class Victim/Perpetrator/Savior Energies

May 3 – Master Class Transgenerational/Collective Healing

June 28 – Master Class TBD (to be decided)

September 20 – Master Class International Supervision

November 22 – Master Class Intro IFS

December 19 – Master Class Surprise Topic And Community Celebration

Stress is a world pandemic

We live in a world moving from crisis to crisis, on the international, community and personal level. Anxiety, stress and trauma are today’s regular cause for health problems. We are welcoming you to Join thousands of therapists worldwide who equipped themselves with the EmotionAid to relieve those in need.

of people have trouble sleeping because of stress
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of people feel stress at work
0 %
of people report feeling extreme stress
0 %
of people experience stress that affects their physical health
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Emotionaid - a Proven Method

grounded in 13 years of research and rigorously tested, our protocol and courses are developed with input from clinical experts and people who live with stress and trauma issues.

we have over 3000 teachers all over the world that teach EmotionAid method and over 100,000 people who practice EmotionAid.

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