EmotionAid® for the Health Sector

Health professionals on the front lines are exposed to particularly difficult situations. Faced with frequently stressed or even traumatized patients, they also often have the heavy burden of managing the worry and anguish of families and loved ones. The Covid-19 crisis further exposes health professionals in a physical and emotional sense and hospital workers in particular. As a result of the build-up of stress, they may display physical, emotional and behavioral symptoms which sometimes result in emotional injury, compassion fatigue or professional burnout. Damage caused by stress exacts significant costs from our society in many senses, yet it can be avoided.

Let's give our helpers the support they need to do their best!

EmotionAid® was designed to help you learn how to self-regulate (that is, to manage your own stress) as well as to provide emotional first aid for others with the use of clear, simple and easy-to-use tools. These tools provide you with total autonomy and are the outcome of the most advanced research in the field of neurophysiology. They have been derived from the Somatic Experiencing™ therapeutic approach. EmotionAid® allows us to effectively establish and strengthen our resilience (ability to cope) in overcoming daily challenges, and to relieve tension during crises and particularly stressful times.

EmotionAid® can be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

The EmotionAid® training program will show you how to:

EmotionAid® helps us regain our balance in all situations

The EmotionAid® training 

EmotionAid® training programs are tailored to your needs:

1. Introduction to EmotionAid® – 4 hours

  • Defining stress and trauma according to the Somatic Experiencing™ (SE®) method 
  • Brain function in times of stress and anxiety 
  • Introduction to EmotionAid® tools and principles for the relief of stress and anxiety – anywhere, anytime.


2. EmotionAid® Intermediate Training Program – 8 hours

  • Defining stress and trauma according to the Somatic Experiencing™ (SE®) method
  • Brain function in times of stress and anxiety
  • The theoretical basis of EmotionAid®: Grounding, Resources, the Language of Sensations and Discharge
  • Demonstration and hands-on practice of Grounding and Resources
  • Presentation of the 5 Steps of

3. EmotionAid® Full Training Program – 24 hours

  • Defining stress and trauma according to the Somatic Experiencing™ (SE®) method
  • Brain function in times of stress and anxiety
  • The Language of Sensations: understanding it and learning to use it
  • Resources: definition and implementation
  • Activation symptoms: identifying your reactions to stress and those of others
  • Grounding: demonstration and application
  • Signs of Discharge and how to cause discharge to prevent the build-up of stress and bodily tension
  • The 5 Steps of EmotionAid®: applying them to yourself and to others
  • Physical, emotional and relational limits and the notion of security
  • Introduction to collective trauma and the effects of trauma at group, community and national levels

During the EmotionAid® Full Training Program, we emphasize learning the process, integration, and practicing the tools. All teaching aids used during the course will be made available to the participants. Classes and supervisions are provided by therapists trained in the Somatic Experiencing™ (SE®) method and certified as EmotionAid® facilitators by ITI Israel.