International  EmotionAid® Development

EmotionAid® tools accessible around the world

In order to widen the EmotionAid® tools accessibility around the world, ITI has focused its strategy on building a strong international presence. Today, ITI has been initiating and developing strategic collaborations in 12 countries: France, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Poland, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, South Africa and Israel. Our main efforts include activities around two main axes:

A Professional Community

The EmotionAid Facilitators are all experienced therapy professionals, providing both therapy and trainings

International Collaborative projects

Those two platforms represent also an available network for testing and promoting our EmotionAid Phone App.

We plan to strengthen our International deployment in the next few years as a leverage to implement our mission.

EmotionAid® Facilitators Requirements / certification:

  • To have completed SE® Intermediate 3 training
  • To complete the facilitator training
    To assist at least 2 EmotionAid® trainings
  • To co-lead in one training with a senior facilitator

For more information on upcoming EmotionAid® facilitator courses, contact us: