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We live in a world moving from crisis to crisis, Crisis has become the new Normal. People all around the world are exposed to stressful situations on a daily basis. They build up tension because they don’t know how to handle it, which eventually negatively affects their ability to function in daily life and in their relationships. 83% of all illness and disease is stress related, 73 % of people have stress that impacts their mental health. Stress has become the world’s number 1 disease.
Everyone should have a tool that may be used as a first aid kit for stress and trauma. Our tool is built of 5 simple, easy to use steps and can be practiced by anyone anywhere anytime! The most cutting-edge research in the field of neurophysiology led to the development of these instruments, which provide complete autonomy. We believe that implementing our method into an app will help us spread EmotionAid faster around the world and improve stress management for millions of users.
EmotionAid App

Current Funding $70,600

Goal: $352000
Similar to soldiers in battle, for many medical staff, the sustained, high-stress environment leads to anxiety, depression or even full break-down. Leading researchers have warned of long term damage to medical professionals and their .diminished ability to provide quality care without psychological intervention.
Based on this need, confirmed by the current literature and the call of 24 world-leading experts to develop innovative intervention models, we propose an intervention model based on EmotionAid® for medical professionals that can be applied during the crisis itself. To aid medical experts, we aim to carry out further research and give front-line professionals emotional first aid. In addition, avoid professional burnout and prevent the teams from experiencing secondary trauma, compassion fatigue, or emotional harm.
Medical Staff Research

Current Funding $50,700

Goal: $237000
EmotionAid, is the forefront of current needs. We assisted medical, mental health, and educational workers during the pandemic, and recently we have supported emergency personnel in Ukraine, Poland, Czechia, and Germany. We are developing new products, to provide the best and most efficient support.
To keep performing our job in the most effective way, we need your Help. We wish to keep offering guidance and assistance to people all across the world. In order to keep doing that, we want you aboard to support us on our mission to help the world cope with stress, anxiety and trauma.
EmotionAid Foundation

Current Funding $1,300

Goal: $23500


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