EmotionAid® Mobile App

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The Rational

EmotionAid® is a simple, five-step toolbox for self-regulation and emotional first aid. EmotionAid® can be used by Anybody, Anywhere and Anytime. As per our organization's mission, we are committed to treating people by reducing their mental stress and teaching them how to prevent and handle post-trauma and burnout. The decision to develop an interactive, mobile application is our way to enable maximum accessibility of EmotionAid® and thus help as many people as possible handle and prevent the accumulation of day-to-day stress. Our long-term goal is that the EmotionAid® mobile app will enable us to achieve financial sustainability, as well as to offer our programs and hold research independently of donations.


The expected results

a. Continuously lowers stress

b. Prevents development of stress-related symptoms

c. Provides on-the-spot self-regulation and emotional first aid

d. Educates on how your body reacts based on neuro physiology

e. Will create a large, stress-assessment database


EmotionAid® is a toolkit of five simple steps for self-regulation and emotional first aid.

Based on cutting-edge tools from Somatic Experiencing and the latest developments in brain research, EmotionAid® shows patients how to both handle and prevent anxiety, burnout, stress and trauma.

Just as we can strengthen our physical muscles with exercise, we can strengthen our nervous system (our emotional muscle) and restore its resilience by practicing healthy responses to threat and trauma.

Specially designed for the public at large and professionals who work in situations of stress, EmotionAid® can be used on the spot, anywhere and anytime.

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