We are welcoming you to Join thousands of people worldwide who equipped themselves with the EmotionAid practical tools for dealing with anxiety and trauma in their day to day life!

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Just as we have physical first aid, we need emotional first aid – ‘EmotionAid®’ to stay regulated in our autonomic nervous system and ensure our optimum functioning and wellbeing.

Stress is a normal human response. It happens to everyone. The human body is hardwired to manage stress, that means to experience and react to it. When we face challenges and difficult events, our body initiates a biological response, which can be physical, emotional and mental.

Are responses like these familiar to you? Does your heart beat fast in times of stress or crisis? Does your breathing get shallower? Does your body tremble? Do you feel confused, disoriented, anxious, panicky or helpless? That is the natural stress response: These reactions can be calmed and changed on the spot if you follow the 5 steps of EmotionAid®. 

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What will you get from this course?

Course Structure

6 Sessions, Total 110 min

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Once you Join on the journey, you will get our EmotionAid® manual to accompany you with exercises and summary of each lesson.

Along with the course, every participant will also get

Who is it for?

Therapists and professionals who want to improve their abilities in the field of trauma, stress and anxiety.

All people from kids to adults, who themselves experience a challenge on the issue of stress, anxiety or post-trauma.

For anyone who wants to give friends, family or anyone close, a tool for regulating levels of stress.

We are proud to be the favorite choice by leading teams of first responders, managers and therapists in the field of health sector, education, army, companies and organizations

Common questions

We live in a world filled with stressful situations, and we tend to accumulate stress. The main problem is we only have a few easy solutions to discharge it. We believe that the knowledge we have needs to be spread worldwide in order to make our daily life easier and less stressful. 

We have extensive experience of using EmotionAid® for the prevention and treatment of burn-out in Israel. We have worked for over 13 years with medical staff in extreme stress situations (war, pandemic, high stress hospital departments) has produced the following program.

  • Over 500 trained mental health professionals.
  • 1000s of individuals from the general public.
  • 600 phone hotline presonnel, each providing support to 12 callers per shift.
  • Over 2,000 teachers, each providing support to 50 students a year.
  • 300 medical personnel, providing support to thousands of patients who no longer take their stress home.

The course is structured in a way that will allow you to progress at your own pace. The total time of all classes is two hours, they are recorded and always available to you, so you can go to them whenever you want. We suggest you return to the classes again and again throughout your journey for practice and maintenance.

The course is structured in a way that is suitable for anyone who is interested in acquiring tools for dealing with stress, trauma and burnout. In the course Dr. Cathy Lawi explains the basics and essence of the tools of EmotionAid so that anyone can enjoy them anytime, anywhere.

Burn-out is a generalized phenomenon in today’s world. Individual and social stress impacts companies and organizations. By purchasing this course for your employees you will be joining 48% of the leading companies today that have articulated a wellbeing strategy. For a special offer to your organization and more details, feel free to contact us.

The price of the course is: 129 euros. But since we just launched we have a special offer – only  99 dollars! Hurry up and join us on our journey of stress reduction and balance.

Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Cathy Lawi, Executive Director of EmotionAID, PhD, PCC
Found of her own bio-med company, Medabiotech.

Israeli branch’s manager of the International Trauma Institute (ITI-Israel), a non-profit organization dedicated to providing emotional first aid and resilience-building tools to different sectors of the population

responsible for nationwide community projects, including at the Schneider Children Medical Center, Education Ministry, Medical & First Responders sectors and Homefront Command

After overing Peter Levine´s book “Waking the Tiger”, Cathy decided to dedicate her life to a totally new area of science and became a Somatic Experiencing (SE) practitioner. Following SE, she continued to study an array of therapeutic and group leadership techniques. She is passionate about the healing potential of SE, its far reaching applications, and in particular its capacity to provide unique tools of self regulation and stress management for individuals and families.


Told by Cathy Lawi, founder of EmotionAid

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