Helping Organizations Manage
Stress And Avoid Burnout

Empower and Help employees and key people inside your organization to reduce stress and avoid burnout in their daily life, and to improve their productivity at work.

HR Leaders • Risk Managers • Wellnes Managers • C-Level Managers • Consultants • Everyone in your organization who wants to have effective tools to deal with daily struggles and maintain low stress levels.


Burnout Effects

of leading companies today have articulated a wellbeing strategy.
0 %
billion dollars is the cost Us employers pay annually due to stress issues.
of employees miss 3-5 days of work a month because of workplace stress.
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of employee turnover rate is attributed to burnout.
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We are here to support you on your better-being journey.

Our specialized program

The course can be tailored to the organization’s needs, and the time allocated.

EmotionAid Organization Digital Experience

Length: 14 sessions 5 min each

EmotionAid Intro session

2 hours

EmotionAid Full Burnout Program

3-6 months

What will you learn with EmotionAid?

There are many reasons it is beneficial for companies to support and encourage wellness in the workplace, including:

Emotionaid - a Proven Method

Grounded in 13 years of field work and constantly tested, our protocol and courses are developed with input from clinical experts and people who live with stress and trauma issues.

we have over 3000 teachers all over the world that teach EmotionAid method and over 100,000 people who practice EmotionAid.

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